Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

Keep What Resolution?

Wow!  Even though January seemed to be at least eighty days long, and February had 29 days this Leap Year, lol, I can’t believe it’s already March!  My question for YOU, is, how’s that New Year’s resolution working out for you?  I decided many years ago, that the only New Year’s resolution I would make, was to NOT make a New Year’s resolution, and this is right about the time of year when our willpower to maintain those resolutions, slowly starts to fade away.  I simply was never able to keep the resolution, and I would, ultimately end up beating myself up about not keeping my resolution, a couple of months into the new year!  Instead, I’ve decided that at the beginning of each near, I simply commit to live a better life.  That means so many different things to so many different people.  Should I eat healthier, exercise more, be kinder, take a class, find a new hobby, finish some old projects, call (not text) friends and family more; just live a better life?  Yeah!  That works so much better for me.  I choose not to make resolutions, but, only to do better in so many areas of my life.  For me, this is much more attainable and easier to accomplish a little bit at a time, and I find there isn’t the letdown of me failing to stick with a New Year’s resolution.  Each years comes with new challenges; not to mention the challenges we bring into the year from the previous year!  So, why not just make a deliberate attempt to live a better, kinder, gentler, more deliberate life? Like they say, the best way to eat an elephant is, “one bite at at time.”  Be better, a little bit at a time each day, and watch your inner caterpillar transform into a better, fuller, richer life.  This, I think is doable, without the New Year’s resolution!