Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

More than Just the Honor Roll

The other day, I heard a news story that was a report about a celebration that was held to honor someone’s life.  I have always thought that the word, “honor,” was such a special word.  When I was a little kid, it was the best feeling in the world to go home and show your report card to your parents, when you had made the, “Honor Roll.”  The word, “honor,” gave such a sense of pride and accomplishment!  The word, “honor,” is both a verb and a noun, and both uses are packed with wonderful actions or privileges.  “Honor your father and mother.”  “Graduate with honors.”  “Please honor us with your presence.”  All of these are wonderful things that deal with honor!  Often times, in order to show honor, we feel that we need all of the bells and whistles:  certificates, trophies, blue ribbons, parades!  While actually, none of these things are even slightly necessary to honor our families, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues in even the smallest ways.  The definition of honor includes words like respect and regard.  Just imagine, in this day and time of rude and abrasive behaviors, at every turn, if we would begin to honor each other in even the smallest of ways.  Imagine the positive results we might see if we were to honor our families and acquaintances by small, doable gestures, on a regular basis;  kind words, a door held open for a stranger, a gentle response, a handwritten note of encouragement, help with a chore or task, and the list goes on.  I don’t think that honor has to always be a major event with all of the celebratory trimmings.  We can show honor in small ways that will lift someone’s spirits on some of these dark and difficult days.  Make a choice, today, to honor someone in a small way, and watch your gesture brighten not only the corner of that person, but I’ll just bet you will feel a bit lighter for having done so.  Honor someone and feel the residual light that comes from a tiny, kind gesture!