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Staying Calm When the Refrigerator Goes Out!

Yes, I know it sounds silly and weird, but, in this case, I’ll let the “refrigerator,” represent the many unpleasant or unexpected occurrences we are faced with in our day-to-day lives!  Recently, I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a non-working refrigerator.  Yes, there were some subtle warning signs of what was coming, that I ignored as we often do, and then the day of reckoning came;  warm, defrosting food and no cold water or ice from the dispenser.  Of course, my initial reaction of, dread, anxiety and shortness of breath quickly gave way to my acceptance of the situation and the recognition of the need to come up with a quick plan of action.  After dragging out the old, faithful coolers, packing them with ice, and quickly transferring what little, salvageable food I could into the coolers, I had a moment of calm realization that, “it’s ONLY a refrigerator.”  Yep.  I could continue to fret, fume and torment myself about the lost foods, the expense of all the ice, the inconvenience of not having cold water, the very limited stock of available refrigerators from suppliers (the laundry list of complaints that flowed through my mind) OR, I could take a deep breath and realize, “It’s just a refrigerator.”  As inconvenient as the situation might be, in the grand scheme of life, this situation really wasn’t all that significant or serious.  It really didn’t warrant me becoming upset, flustered or frustrated as I put the situation into perspective.  Yes, perspective.  It means everything.  It’s the ability to know how important something really is, or is NOT.  It wasn’t a critical health situation.  It wasn’t a loss of life.  It wasn’t a wrecked car or one of many other irreversible tragic situations that could have happened.  It was an old, well-used refrigerator that simply, “gave up the ghost!”  When I put things into perspective, I was able to calm down, evaluate the situation, come up with a workable plan, and execute the plan.  Life will continuously throw curve balls, and busted refrigerator situations at us.  Putting things into the proper perspective is the key to staying calm and getting through many situations with our sanity and emotions in tact.  Face your busted refrigerator situation by deciding how important it really is, in the grand scheme of your life.  Often, things really aren’t as bad as they might seem, when you’re knee deep in the moment of the situation.  I hope this post helps you stay cool, calm and collected the next time your, “refrigerator” goes out!