Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

It WILL Get Better

These past few weeks have been a sight to behold; brutal weather, and crime after crime, wars, rumors of wars, fires! Too much is happening far too fast, and the news is both scary and depressing.  Recently, I had someone ask me how in the world they could help someone else, when they were barely getting by, emotionally, themselves.  I had to admit that I had no answer.  Now, in thinking about that question, “How do I brighten someone’s corner when my own fuel supply is running low?”  I could only say, “Just hang in there, and stay hopeful that everything is only for a season, and hopefully, better days are coming.”  Sometimes, we feel that every day of the future will look like today, and whether the day is good or bad, that simply isn’t true.  It’s easy to believe that because today is bad, things will remain the same from here on out.  So, sometimes, when our own internal fuel supply is running low, it is important to remind ourselves that things can, and will, get better.  Breathe deeply and hang on for better times.  They are coming.  Focus on yourself and feeling better, and know that as you regain energy and light, you’ll once again be able to brighten the corners of those around you.  You can’t pour from an empty vessel, so be sure that you are replenishing your own energy in order to be able to move yourself forward.  An old adage says, essentially, “you can’t help others, if YOU’RE not okay.”  So, during those times when you’re running on fumes, and your energy is low and waning, embrace the time as a time to take care of YOU.  Brighten your own corner so you can continue to be a light for others.