Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

Vacations or Staycations?

It’s hard to believe that, spring is almost here!  Birds are chirping.  Spring showers are bringing colorful flowers, and new life is beginning as the cycle of life renews and continues.  Before you know it, summer will be here, and backyard parties, bar-b-ques, and summer vacations will begin!  Many are already planning for summer fun to happen, whether at home or abroad.  There are so many places to choose from and so many plans to make.  Good times are coming!  I often wonder just how much more exciting, pleasant and satisfying our lives would be if we put in the same amount of time and energy planning for relaxation and good times at home, as we do to create our dream trips and vacations.  No, really, what if we’d plan wonderful, “staycations,” for home with family, just like we plan for the expensive vacations we give so much of our energy and time to each year?  Vacations are expensive, and often, I need to rest AFTER, I’ve returned from my vacations.  Sometimes our purses suffer a great deal too, as a result of the dream vacation, and often we return with some photos for social media, and a few over-priced souvenirs to proudly display and collect dust.  Please know that I’m not knocking vacations.  I know that sometimes, they are very much needed.  However, I AM suggesting that, it isn’t always necessary, or possible, to spend tons of cash or go into debt to have the “perfect,” vacation away from home.  They last for only a brief moment in time, and guess what?  We’re right back at home!  This year, I think I’ll think a little out of the box and plan lots of “mini-staycations,” at home with family.  After all, they’re with me every day, so maybe, we can have more fun times without the expense of leaving home!